How to Integrate ExpertSender with Google Forms?

Let’s say you need to run a survey with your subscribers using Google Forms. How to set it up so that user email address is automatically included in the form? Here’s an instruction: 

1. Start from creating a form: 

2. Once you have your questions and answers ready, create the required field for e.g. email address, then go to the settings and click ‘Get pre-filled link’: 

3. Here enter the answer, e.g. the word ‘email’, and click ‘Get link’: 

The link to Google Forms will look something like this:

You can now use it in of your email, but first replace the word ‘email’ with the ExpertSender variable $ {SubscriberEmail} 

As a result, the final link will look something like this:$ {SubscriberEmail} 

Why can’t you simply enter the ExpertSender variable into the form – as described in step 3 above – right away? You could do it, but when copying the link, the encoding would change the characters in the variable and it simply wouldn’t work. 


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